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Positive Attitude Self Evaluation


Try our Positive Attitude Self Evaluation below and see how you do.  


Want to send this survey to your employees, have the results calculated automatically and receive reports?  Scroll down below the self evaluation to purchase.



                                                      When I am at work, I...                                                      Always        Sometimes       Rarely


1.    Speak in a friendly, courteous manner.

2.    Smile and call people by name.

3.    Show genuine interest in others.

4.    Strive to give the best service possible.

5.    Treat others with patience and tolerance.

6.    Praise others generously.

7.    Ask questions and listen openly to their responses.

8.    Consider others' feelings and points of view.

9.    Communicate openly and honestly.

10. Can be counted on to do the right thing.

11. Solve problems instead of complaining.

12. Support others in decision-making processes.

13. Take a win-win approach to resolving conflict.

14. Work well as part of a team.

15. Have a good sense of humor.

16. Stay committed to reaching organizational goals.

17. Focus on the process as well as the results.

18. Take responsibility for the quality of my work.

19. Demonstrate personal motivation.

20. Maintain a proactive attitude.



                          Now, total your score on the Attitude Self Evaluation:



Scores of 70 to 100 on the attitude self-evaluation indicate a strong foundation for having a positive attitude at work, and improvements may be made by tweaking specific situations or circumstances. This exercise should serve as a reminder to be consistently positive and upbeat.

Scores of 0 to 69 on the attitude self-evaluation indicate a need for immediate attention, including first and foremost whether the job you have is the right job and whether you are totally committed to the overall success of the organization as well as your own success.

Your results from this attitude self-evaluation are a good indication of how others perceive your attitude and how you might need to adjust your attitude and behavior in the workplace. You should take these results seriously and consider following the advice for exuding a positive attitude.


Would you like an automated online version of this survey to send to your employees?  We will administer this survey for you so that all results will be anonymous.  We will send you a web survey link that is dedicated to your organization.  You will email the link to your employees along with a completion deadline.  Once the deadline has passed, we will send you reports of your survey, including the number of responses in each category for each question.  If you would prefer that we send the link directly to your employees, please contact us.  We'll also be happy to write and administer other surveys for you.


Automated Positive Attitude Self-Evaluation Survey: $99 TOTAL


Includes online survey for ALL employees in your organization with reports and graph. 


Please allow 1-2 business days for setup of your survey.


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