Compass Series Leadership Development Training
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Tools 2 Succeed® Leadership Development Workshops


Navigational Tools for LEADERS

People don't leave companies; they leave bosses!  Learn to lead, empower, and motivate your team.  Practice and reinforce your new knowledge and leadership skills each month.  Pair up with an accountability partner who will encourage and support you. Become a strategic partner in your organization and make a difference!

Tools 2 Succeed® leadership training workshops are fun and interactive.  We limit our workshops to a maximum of 25 participants in each so that each individual will get the most from the discussions.  Role-play, exercises and games personalize the learning and make it fun.  Each participant has an opportunity to contribute to the group and help enrich the learning experience for all. 

Embrace the concept of a "high-performance organization" and see your progress and that of your team as you continue to participate in our Compass Series leadership development program.  Review the objectives for last month's workshop and see how much progress you and your team members have made.  Gain new knowledge and skills, then put together a Performance Plan that will help you to use what you learn and continue to improve.  Keep in touch with your Accountability Partner throughout the month and encourage and support each other.       

Topics and timeframes can be customized to your needs.
Attitude is Everything
Team Dynamics
Building a Culture of Trust and Collaboration
Listen Up! Communication
Managing Organizational Change
Supervisory Skills 
Conflict Management
Hold Them Accountable!
Giving & Receiving Feedback
Customer Focus
Empowering Others for Success
Keeping Score on Organizational Goals
Triumphing Over Emotional Challenges
High-Performance Teamwork
Time Management

For in-house Tools 2 Succeed® leadership training at your location in the Greater Los Angeles area, 

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