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      In-House Training Workshops and Online Webinars Offered    

We can faciltate any of 120+ workshops in person at your location or in a live webinar format.  We can customize any program to meet your needs.  Don't see your topic listed?   Please ask!

Leadership Development


Compass Series Leadership Workshops

Develop knowledge and skills that will increase your personal effectiveness and ability to successfully interact with and lead others.  Competencies include self management, interpersonal relationships, communication,  teamwork, leadership and accomplishing results through others.  This series includes 12 half-day workshops.  Attend our public workshops or invite us to come on-site.


Change Management

Learn about leadership and change, the change process, develop change resilience, and enhance your change management skills.


Effective Supervisory Skills

Learn competencies necessary to be successful in a leadership role, legal guidelines to minimize or prevent organizational liabilities, and knowledge and skills for motivating others.


High-Payoff Hiring

Invest your time and energy into finding the right people, and you will achieve the results you want through your greatest investment –your employees. 


Performance Appraisals

Learn the advantages of conducting regular performance appraisals, and practice developing a written appraisal and giving a face-to-face performance appraisal.



Personal Effectiveness


Conflict Management

Identify and develop skills that are essential to managing conflict, leveraging those skills as a strategic advantage to your company.


Customer Service:  Create Loyalty

Learn to provide customer service that gives your organization a strategic advantage.  Create and commit to a personal vision of providing customer service and explore ways to take your current abilities to the next level of service.



Learn essential knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in a group made up of diverse individuals.  Learn to recognize and appreciate diversity and be able to communicate effectively about diversity issues.



Learn about the communication process and your roles and responsibilities for developing effective communication skills.  Learn about nonverbal communication, listening effectively, using communication tools, and enhancing your communication skills.


Emotional Intelligence: A Plan for Personal Success

Learn a set of principles and personal management skills that will change the way you view your life as well as your performance on the job.  Grow in self-understanding, confidence, personal effectiveness and your ability to handle the challenges and opportunities of the workplace.


Positive Impact:  How to Be the Person Successful Companies Fight to Keep

Learn to be a person of integrity with a positive attitude and the willingness and commitment to “go the extra mile”.  Prove yourself to be a valuable team player and an asset to your organization.


Sexual Harassment

Our fun, energetic, and engaging programs make sure your supervisors and managers are not only California AB 1825 compliant, but studies have shown they retain and apply more from our unique style of training than any other sexual harassment prevention course available.

Speaking for a Lasting Impression

Analyze and develop your ability to deliver presentations and become an effective speaker.  Learn the essential components of what it takes to create a lasting impression on your audience members.


Time Management:  What's Urgent?  What's Important?

Learn vital knowledge and skills for managing your personal work time.  Set goals and define actions for developing and enhancing your current time management skills.


The Trust Factor: Creating Win-Win Relationships

Learn the core elements of trust.  Assess your own trustworthiness, and learn to view others from a paradigm of trust and goodwill rather than mistrust and alienation.  Learn to engage in vigorous dialogue and arrive at win/win outcomes.  Create a climate of trust, collaboration and goodwill.




High Performance


Assessing Your Organization for High Performance

Understand how your organization operates -- what works and what doesn’t work, what your strengths and weaknesses are, how the pieces fit together and whether they are aligned to the strategy and direction of your organization.


Developing a High-Performance Strategy:  Competing to Win

Define a clear and compelling strategy for your organization, bringing it a vitality and energy that will propel your organization well into the future.


Principles of High Performance

Build a foundation for the future development of your organization.  Learn a framework for thinking and talking about the change process at the individual, team and organizational level.


Skills for High-Performance Teamwork

Learn principles and skills to ensure that you communicate, resolve conflicts, solve problems, make decisions, and maintain a positive social environment while working with others.


High-Performance Leadership

Examine the roles and practices of the most successful leaders, and learn how to lead by empowering the development of others.


Developing High-Performance Teams

Develop the infrastructure of a high performance team through developing a charter, understanding customer requirements, diagramming work flow, setting goals, and clarifying roles.



Core Skills: Building a Strong Foundation

Learn to enhance your core skills, building a solid foundation on which to launch successful selling partnerships that bridge your company’s offerings and your customers’ needs.


Principles of Partnership Selling: Mastering the Sales Process

Learn to bridge your company’s offerings and the needs of your customers while determining how to maintain a strong presence in the marketplace.


Empowering Performance:  A Sales Manager’s Guide to Success

Assess your current sales management practices and learn the knowledge and skills necessary to empower you to become an effective leader.   


Powers of Persuasion

We know that the brain is hard-wired to take mental shortcuts whenever we make decisions.  Internal mechanisms help us quickly assimilate information and take the correct next step.  Learn the 7 triggers to "yes"!


Los Angeles, Ventura County, Orange County and worldwide locations as well as online webinars.


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