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Tools 2 Succeed Outplacement Services  

 Key Benefit:  Outplacement Services

We help employees who have been affected by a reduction in force to find new employment using our outplacement coaching services.  We offer job candidates 1-on-1 personalized service through career coaches who have extensive outplacement experience and have also been through similar experiences themselves, finding new and successful careers.

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Qualifications and Capabilities: Outplacement Services


We have 25+ years of experience in assisting candidates with career transitions as well as extensive experience in hiring, managing and training employees.  We have a vast network of resources that we can offer our outplacement candidates.


What's Included:  Outplacement Services

We work individually or in groups with outplacement candidates to help them determine the best career path, develop outstanding resumes, utilize the best resources for finding jobs, learn how and where to network, polish interviewing skills, and learn to negotiate the best compensation package.  We can also help outplacement candidates to enhance their marketability with training from computer skills to soft skills.

For all outplacement services, we meet individually or in groups by phone or by web conference weekly.  Candidates may also call or write as desired. Programs can be tailored to the individual or group. For example, if the candidate already has a great resume, we would not spend much time on that but would focus the time on how to find opportunities, network, etc. -- whatever would be most helpful to the candidate.  When the formal program ends, we are still available to answer questions and provide support as needed.

Outplacement Packages 

All outplacement package programs include a DiSC® behavioral assessment, comprehensive report, and feedback. A sample DiSC® report is available by clicking here. This assessment helps the individual learn about environments in which he/she will do best, needs, strategies for effectiveness, and potential strengths and weaknesses.

Individual Programs:

For a 1-month outplacement career transition program, we generally focus on:
1) Figuring out what is the best next step for the individual
2) Writing a resume that best reflects the individual's strengths and accomplishments
3) Learning to write a cover letter targeted specifically for a particular job
4) Learning where and how to find opportunities, especially through the "hidden" job market
5) Learning how to research companies in preparation for interviews
6) Encouraging progress and moving forward in the job search at all times

For a 2-month outplacement career transition program, we continue the weekly calls and focus the time on interviewing techniques, questions and answers, and practice.  We include a 45-minute videotaped mock interview session with the candidate. 

For a 3-month outplacement career transition program, in addition to all of the above, weekly calls, and more time for interviewing practice and feedback, we also spend time on negotiating techniques, improving job skills, and learning how to adapt to a new environment.

Group Programs:

Tools 2 Succeed will facilitate 2-day outplacement Zoom meetings for all exiting employees wishing to take advantage of these services.  Meeting agenda can be viewed here.

All participants will be provided with access instructions for a business database, as well as jobs databases.

Materials for all exercises, job search resources, and worksheets will be provided to the participants.

Workshops will include break-out sessions for resume writing. Participants will have also access to individual outplacement coaches for personalized assistance with their resumes via email following the meetings.

Individual Outplacement Services


We'll take great personalized care of you or your displaced employees! 


Please contact us for more details on our Tools 2 Succeed outplacement services.  

We can customize a outplacement package just for you.


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