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Our training programs range from sexual harassment prevention to professional development workshops such as communication, feedback, time management, conflict management, and customer focus, setting goals, teamwork, empowering others, trust, and emotional intelligence.  We offer more than 1800 e-Learning programs including business, personal and computer skills.  We can customize all in-house programs and webinars to meet your needs.  Our public workshops and many e-Learning programs are pre-approved for HRCI and SHRM recertification credit.


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Our goal is to create a high-performance organization, one in which all employees feel and act like partners in the business. 


Here we compare and contrast a high-performance organization with a traditional one:







Decentralized structure with autonomous, self-regulating work units.

Centralized and bureaucratic structure.

Planning and coordination done by work teams.

Planning and coordination by management.

Jobs are broadly defined.  Employees possess multiple skills.

Specialization and narrowly defined jobs.

There may be many ways to achieve same level of performance.

Standardization of performance. One single best way to do a job.

Minimum of rules. Values and common sense govern behavior.

Uniform, strictly-enforced policies. “Do things by the book”.

Department boundaries determined by task inter-relationship (product- or process-focused).

Dept. boundaries determined by similarity of function (Engineering, Manufacturing, etc.)

Training focuses on total employee development (e.g. business understanding, teamwork, etc.)

Training focuses on technical skills.

Rewards based on effectiveness of team.

Rewards based on individual performance.

Employees viewed as partners.

Employee viewed as tools of management.

Quality of life of employees is imperative to company.

Alienated and unhappy employees accepted as given.


Greater Los Angeles and Ventura County as well as worldwide locations.   

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